Techniek College Rotterdam and iO — building the future of technology

Rotterdam, 10 June 2022 — Techniek College Rotterdam has chosen to partner with end-to-end agency iO for the construction of a new digital platform. The aim: to help students and professionals when choosing technical education and to build a contemporary image of technology. Both parties expect to launch around the beginning of July.

iO wants to make the new platform more than 'just' one of the many touchpoints, but a defining moment in the orientation phase of every (future) student. The new site will combine words (stories from students, teachers and professionals) and images (recognisable, visual communication) to help future students make their choice. In other words, it will be easier for future students to find the right education, to get inspired, enrol for a course or to get the right advice when they need it.

Henrik Stevens, Director of Techniek College Rotterdam: ​

“What’s clear from the preliminary results is that we are building a fresh, digital concept that enables students to have confidence in their choices, so that they can seize the future and make it their own.”

Alongside the primary role of providing information in the orientation phase, Techniek College Rotterdam wants the platform to focus on the image of technology. This includes collaborations with innovative, local companies on themes around energy transition, circular construction, mobility and cybersecurity, as well as special attention to the social relevance of technical subjects.

Techniek College Rotterdam is the MBO trainer for technical courses in the Rotterdam region and also the largest MBO school for technical vocational education in the Rijnmond region. Techniek College Rotterdam offers courses for students who are at the start of their careers, and for professionals in the business world who want to learn new technical skills.


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Roel Van Aelst

Roel Van Aelst

Marketing & Communication Director, iO



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