Orangedotcom joins Intracto Group

This Amsterdam-based agency consists of 30 digital experts, who specifically focus on achieving digital growth for their clients.

Intracto Group has further strengthened itself with digital marketing agency Orangedotcom. This Amsterdam-based agency consists of 30 digital experts, who specifically focus on achieving digital growth for their clients. Orangedotcom's clients include Samsung, QWIC, Mollie, Tony's Chocolonely and Red Bull. 

With the acquisition of Orangedotcom, Intracto Group emphasises once again that it is further developing an integrated full-service agency. An agency that wants to be a true partner for its clients, enabling them to excel in the domains of strategy, creation, content, marketing and technology.

Supporting companies in their digital growth even better

In ten years' time, Orangedotcom has built a strong digital reputation, illustrated by a number of prestigious awards and professional prizes. Founders Arnoud Duiker and Michael Hardeman are not only looking back with satisfaction, they are also looking forward with plenty of enthusiasm. 

Arnoud Duiker, co-founder of Orangedotcom: "To continue as part of Intracto Group is an incredible recognition for our team. It shows that we are a strong and healthy company that wants to grow even further. Together with the team at Intracto Group, we are better equipped to fulfil our ambition of being a leading digital agency. We want to relieve our clients of their digital worries from A to Z. Clients increasingly demand that we are not just their partner for niche assignments. They need a partner who is willing and capable to take on real responsibilities."

Michael Hardeman, co-founder Orangedotcom: "It's a special year for us, as we are celebrating our tenth anniversary. Despite this milestone, we see the potential and opportunities in the market and are always looking forward. For some time now, there has been a consolidation trend in our field, and the speed is picking up. By joining Intracto Group, we can better serve our clients and accelerate growth, both in width and depth.

Clients can still count on us for specific questions, but we also guarantee a full range of services in the fields of strategy, creation, content, marketing and technology. Now more than ever. Both from the office and in-house: we second more and more experts to help clients grow. This way, we take work off their hands while becoming an even greater extension of our clients' operations."

The best partner in digital marketing

Pieter Janssens, CEO Intracto Group: "We've seen an impressive digital acceleration since March 2020, because of COVID-19. This process is irreversible. Companies increasingly realise the strategic importance of their digital presence and the ecosystem they need to build and maintain. The team at Orangedotcom is therefore a targeted acquisition for us. They excel in SEA, SEO, social advertising, CRO, analytics and marketplaces. In short, everything that has to do with digital marketing.

Adding our existing qualities to the mix, this is a big win for our customers and our colleagues. On the one hand, customers can trust us with even more responsibility and the associated impact. On the other hand, our team members get an even more interesting playing field. We strengthen our defense and our offense, allowing them to score even easier."

New reinforcements in Amsterdam

Brian Hirman, Director Corporate Development/M&A Intracto Group: "Orangedotcom will become part of the Amsterdam campus. That campus already has a strong performance marketing team on board, Booming. Together with Orangedotcom, Campus Amsterdam now has a complete online marketing team. 

Adding 30 more team members to Campus Amsterdam emphasises the strategic importance of the Dutch capital. Intracto Group's philosophy is to be present where talent can be found and to always be close by for customers. It is great that Arnoud and Michael have committed themselves to Intracto Group as well. They will continue to actively and ambitiously work for growth at the Amsterdam campus."

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