Media agency Zoekhelden's future lies with Intracto Group

The Amsterdam-based agency's strengths lie in media advice and buying, marketing and secondment by providing advice at its clients' offices.

Media agency Zoekhelden has joined Intracto Group. The Amsterdam-based agency's strengths lie in media advice and buying, marketing and secondment by providing advice at its clients' offices. The agency employs 15 experts and transformed from a search advertising agency into a full service media agency over the last ten years.

Intracto Group is continuously working to become an integrated full service agency. An end-to-end partner for clients, enabling them to excel in the domains of strategy, creation, content, marketing and technology.

Zoekhelden: combining media and marketing expertise

Zoekhelden started out as an agency that excels in search engine advertising. The starting point was always that if performance in search is on point, you could go on to focus on branding. With this strategy, the agency has grown considerably in recent years in terms of team members and client portfolio.

Marcel van Huis, co-founder Zoekhelden: "What makes us attractive to Intracto Group? As an agency, we always look beyond the P of promotion. Our drive to realise our clients' objectives is unmatched, and always based on a well thought-out marketing plan with integrated media plans.

What makes Intracto Group attractive to us? The way we both value the qualities of our team members. We too built our organisation around the people instead of the other way around. Skills take precedence over job descriptions. We also strive for satisfied clients based on substantive performance, not on ratings and awards. We don't need to be the prettiest in the class, but we want to be the smartest."

Marc Arnold, co-founder Zoekhelden: "We are absolutely thrilled that we can now offer an even wider range of services to our clients, something they've been asking for more and more. But also the fact that we now have a multitude of experts who can set up and optimise campaigns is a very important gain for us. We no longer have to say "no".

Here's a well-kept secret for you: we've been planning to rebrand Zoekhelden intro Mediahelden. A name that fits the bill of who we are today and what we do much better. Those plans are on hold for now, but it does show where our ambitions lie."

Evolving towards hybrid cooperation models with clients

Pieter Janssens, CEO Intracto Group: "Zoekhelden is an agency that has continuously strived for further growth in recent years. Starting from excelling in one expertise, they have grown consistently. 

The latest step that Zoekhelden has taken is, for example, their commitment to secondment. We believe this will become increasingly important in the coming years. As an agency, you want to advise and unburden your clients. And the closer you are to your client, the better you can do that. In-depth partnerships require tailor-made solutions, which is why hybrid forms of cooperation will become increasingly important in the future.

Moreover, Zoekhelden does not only focus on online results. They are also incredibly strong in high-impact media plans for radio and television, for example. A very qualitative addition to our existing competencies that only further emphasises our position as a full-service agency."

Independent media advice from Amsterdam

Brian Hirman, Director Corporate Development/M&A Intracto Group: "With Zoekhelden, we have completed the puzzle when it comes to being able to offer integrated offline and online media advice and execution. What appeals to us in Zoekhelden is the transparent and open way of advising, completely independent of the client's media budget. This way of working guarantees that clients receive the best, most honest media advice they can get.

Zoekhelden will operate from the Amsterdam campus and blend with Orangedotcom and Booming to form a highly integrated media and online marketing team. The Zoekhelden management team will also play an active role in the further development of offline and online media consultancy services within the other campuses in the Netherlands and Belgium."

About iO

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