Mechelen joins 60+ Dutch cities and towns using Drupal for Government

The renewed will offer residents a one-stop shop for digital city services with more functionalities.

The City of Mechelen is working with digital partner iO on a new website for the city. The renewed will offer residents a one-stop shop for digital city services with more functionalities. For this development, iO will call on Drupal, in the form of its own open-source project, called Drupal for Government. ​ 

The development of the new website positions the city of Mechelen as the first Belgian municipality to have its website developed with Drupal for Government. It is a platform developed by iO with the Drupal CMS, aimed at meeting the specific needs of residents. Quick navigation of frequent tasks and fast search results mean that every visitor will be helped quickly and efficiently. 

Rina Rabau Nkandu, Alderman of Communication - City of Mechelen:

"For many Mechelen residents, is their first contact with us as a city in their search for information and answers to numerous questions. Our website is the digital equivalent of the House of the Malinois. The Malinois have to feel welcome and should be able to find their way around with ease. Thanks to the collaboration with iO, we are building a website that is clearer and more user-friendly so that people can find what they are looking for easily online. This innovation fits in with our aim to be a more digital city. Our online visitors will have to be a little patient. The full version of the renewed website is expected to launch in early 2025."  

iO already has extensive experience with Drupal for Government. More than 60 municipalities in the Netherlands have already opted for a Drupal website, including Rotterdam, Amersfoort, Haarlem, and Breda. They benefit from iO's extensive, internal Drupal expert group community, which continues to develop the technology actively. 

Tom Van Mierlo, Strategist and partner at iO, on the development of the new

"Thanks to Drupal for Government, we will be providing the city of Mechelen with the very best digital services. Our experience delivering digital services for more than 60 Dutch municipalities has helped us to continuously develop this open source project. Mechelen represents our first entry into the Belgian market. As their permanent partner, we will undoubtedly achieve much more."  

The renewed website results from a close collaboration between iO, the City of Mechelen, and their main contractor Eviden. ​

Photo credits: (c) Visit Mechelen - Aikon

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Photo credits: (c) Visit Mechelen - Aikon


Roel Van Aelst

Roel Van Aelst

Marketing & Communication Director, iO

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