iO drives Audi flawlessly into music video GOOSE

How light technology and music merge in a music video

The beginning of the partnership between Audi and GOOSE goes way back. But all this time, both continue to inspire each other. Today again. Both Audi and GOOSE are driven by progress and innovation. Audi pushes boundaries when it comes to light technology. Just like GOOSE, giving light an important role in their live shows. iO brought them together in a new episode of Crossroads, Audi's content format.

Audi x GOOSE
Audi x GOOSE

After 'Circles', in which an Audi R8 Coupé became GOOSE’s fifth band member, this is the second collaboration between the car brand and the electro-rock band. This time they are not making a new song, but they are making a music video. A music video that completes a beautiful content film about light. And how both - each in their respective fields - are looking for the latest trends in light technology.

Audi is pioneering LED technology. For instance, the Audi Digital Matrix LED headlights of the Audi A8 use DMD technology or 'Digital Micromirror Device', similar to that of video projectors. Each headlight contains around 1.3 million micro-mirrors that divide the light into tiny pixels, allowing it to be projected with the utmost precision.

GOOSE, the Belgian electro-rock band, is also innovating with light in its live shows. But how do you tell a content story about the encounter between that Audi LED technology and a rock band?

iO poured it into a visual content gem in which Audi talks to GOOSE. About light. In all its facets. The film exudes the philosophy and vision of Audi's Head of Light Design, César Montada. That vision perfectly fits with the manner GOOSE design their light shows during live performances. The whole thing is bathed in a blissful eighties atmosphere. Pure cinematography through the lens of Bjorn Tagemose. ​ 

Both visions intersect but show surprising similarities. So much so that it culminates in a joint story, more specifically, a music video for the release of a new song: Run Away by GOOSE. Or how a content story blends perfectly into a music video. ​ ​ 

The integral Crossroads film can be watched on Audi's website. A 60" cinema spot gives a solid preview in all Kinepolis theatres.


  • Client: Audi
  • Contacts: Sofie Luyckx, Stef Sleurs, Marie Carranza
  • Account Team: Gilles Haesendonck, Nathalie Rots
  • Agency: iO
  • Executive Creative Director: Sam De Win
  • Creatives: Ivan Moons, Wouter Huyge, GOOSE, Bjorn Tagemose, Sam De Win
  • Strategy: Bram Cappaert
  • Design Director: Benjamin Martijn
  • Artist: GOOSE
  • Project Manager: Shadee Van Rompa – Safari studios
  • Production Company: Shoot The Artist (Instagram: @shoottheartist.official, LinkedIn: Shoottheartist)
  • Director: Bjorn Tagemose (Instagram: @bjorntagemose, LinkedIn: Bjorn Tagemose)
  • DOP: Erik Peiren
  • Sound Production Company: Raygun

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