iO develops a secure version of ChatGPT: AiO 

The company's proprietary chatbot equips iO specialists with AI tools to use in client projects.

In recent months, developments in the (generative) AI field gathered momentum. AI is also expanding its reach in the creative sector. iO introduced its own newly launched ChatGPT variant: AiO. A secure environment for their specialists to experiment and work with AI.  

More security and trust thanks to AI 

Blended agency iO combines expertise in marketing, technology, strategy, data, and content — and AI is an indispensable addition to this. The AiO tool is based on popular GPT models but is hosted in a GDPR-compliant environment in Europe — and not through OpenAI's US servers. 

"No matter how convenient, as an organisation you prefer not to entrust an external tool with information that falls under intellectual property. Bigger companies are reluctant to use GPT because they cannot trust either the model or the output. We want to change that at iO with AiO," says Bram Cappaert, Center of Excellence Lead Strategy at iO. 

AI-driven teams at iO 

AiO gives iO employees the opportunity to experiment with AI to their heart's content in a safe and secure environment. Yet, for iO, the use of AI is nothing new. The agency has long been home to enthusiastic AI pioneers, diligently testing the possibilities and limits of (generative) AI and applying AI in customer projects

Keeping the tool in-house means it’s easy to add new functionalities. For example, everyone in iO has automatic access via existing authorisation; there is a shared prompt library where colleagues can work together and add their data from other iO tools, such as CRM and project management software. ​ 

"When you start working with client information, the last thing you want is that information ending up in places you don't know. With this new chatbot, everyone within iO can experiment with AI in a secure environment," says Raymond Muilwijk, Center of Excellence Lead Technology at iO. 

In the meantime, several of our clients have shown interest in adopting a secure version of the popular chatbot as a framework to discover the possibilities of AI responsibly. 

About iO

iO is a blended agency. We help clients such as Audi, Worldline, Brussels Airport, Efteling and Eneco to sustainably shape and improve total brand experiences that leave a mark on people. By thoughtfully blending the right expertise – strategy, creation, technology, marketing, and data – and actively partnering with our clients. That’s how we advance digitally with our clients, for their customers.

iO (formerly Intracto Group) was founded in 2005 and works with local and international businesses, organisations and governments in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Bulgaria.



Roel Van Aelst

Roel Van Aelst

Marketing & Communication Director, iO

About iO

iO is a blended agency. We bring together talent in marketing, technology, content, strategy, and creativity. With our belief that "experience is everything," we help our clients provide their target audience with rich and relevant brand experiences. Our track record includes helping strong brands such as Audi, Brussels Aiport, Efteling, Eneco, Fiberklaar, and Worldline grow.

Established in 2005, iO operates locally and internationally, serving companies, organisations, and governments from our campuses in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Bulgaria.