iO and Arteveldehogeschool say it’s time for more diversity in tech

Blended agency iO and Arteveldehogeschool are joining forces. On 19 October, they will organise "Tech (she/her)", a free event about diversity in tech.

Blended agency iO and Arteveldehogeschool are joining forces. On 19 October, they will organise "Tech (she/her)", a free event about diversity in tech. The event will take place at iO’s Ghent campus and aims to create awareness, open debates, and inspire the sector. ​

The importance of diversity in tech

Gender equality and diversity in the tech industry contribute to the development of young people and create opportunities for their future careers. Yet women remain underrepresented despite national and international focus on gender diversity in tech.

The "Tech (she/her)" event is not about Artevelde University College and iO trying to solve that global problem. What the event should do is contribute to the public debate around diversity in tech. The programme includes powerful stories and inspiring talks from women in different sectors.

"Coding Wizard alumni, in collaboration with partners in the field, and the City of Ghent, are striving to position Ghent as the technological capital of Europe. Promoting gender diversity is essential to reinforce our existing foundations, to enable us to excel in this ambitious mission," says Nicky Malfliet, Lecturer in Digital Marketing at Artevelde University College. ​

Join the event: 19 October 2023

More information about the programme and the speakers at "Tech (she/her)" can be found on the iO website. The free event will take place on 19 October at iO Campus Gent (Raymonde de Larochelaan 15, 9051 Ghent). ​

About iO
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About Arteveldehogeschool

Arteveldehogeschool is a university in Ghent, founded in 2000 from a merger of four Ghent Catholic colleges. Today, the school has more than 15,000 students and 1,700 staff.



Roel Van Aelst

Roel Van Aelst

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About iO

iO is a blended agency. We bring together talent in marketing, technology, content, strategy, and creativity. With our belief that "experience is everything," we help our clients provide their target audience with rich and relevant brand experiences. Our track record includes helping strong brands such as Audi, Brussels Aiport, Efteling, Eneco, Fiberklaar, and Worldline grow.

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