Intracto Group acquires Booming

With the addition of performance agency Booming, 25 experienced digital marketers join the group.

Intracto Group continues to build an integrated digital proposition in the Netherlands. With the addition of performance agency Booming, 25 experienced digital marketers join the group. The Amsterdam-based Booming has clients such as Allianz, Grandvision,, Conrad, Philips, Tui, HP and JBL. This acquisition reaffirms Intracto Group's ambitions to take a leading position in the field of digital services in the Dutch market.

Performance marketing makes a difference

Booming is a digital marketing agency focused on getting better results for its clients by optimising the digital funnel. Booming achieves this with a diverse team of specialists and an integrated approach, in close cooperation with its clients.

The specialisms include optimising traffic channels, such as SEO, SEA, affiliate marketing and social media, together with the optimisation of positive interaction through the use of CRO (conversion rate optimisation), persuasion and personalisation techniques. All based on data and customer insights.

Joey Fieggen, Managing Director Booming: “We have been growing steadily for eight years straight, with a great team and customers to be proud of. Even though there were plenty of opportunities, we have always been wary of collaborations. The mix of digital marketing disciplines is becoming more complex on the one hand and requires more integration on the other.

In order to serve our clients better, we needed to broaden our services, without losing our focus on the quality of what we do. And that’s exactly what Intracto Group stands for as well. We share a vision but also connect in terms of culture, mentality and, above all, ambition. We’re convinced this move will do wonders for our ambitions and those of our clients and colleagues.”

Growing in Amsterdam

Brian Hirman, Director Corporate Development Intracto Group: “Intraco Group is setting up campuses in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Bosch and Eindhoven. A campus brings together talent from the various digital disciplines, where they guide and relieve clients of their worries end-to-end. Booming’s digital performance specialists are a perfect addition to our existing creative, content and technological disciplines in Amsterdam.

With this step, Intracto Group now has 130 employees in Amsterdam and the local campus begins to take shape and substance. The entire Intracto Group is now 925 experts strong. And counting.

Pieter Janssens, CEO Intracto Group: “We see the importance of our presence in Amsterdam increasing day by day. Since we took our first steps in the Dutch capital with Intracto Group, we have noticed how much effort and ambition is being put into working in Amsterdam.

Even now (and COVID-19 has only accelerated this process), companies are increasingly focusing on digital optimisations. Both internally and externally. In addition, we notice that companies are coming to us with more and more questions. As a team, we want to be a powerhouse that is ready to help companies grow.

About iO

iO is a blended agency. We bring together talent in marketing, technology, content, strategy, and creativity. With our belief that "experience is everything," we help our clients provide their target audience with rich and relevant brand experiences. Our track record includes helping strong brands such as Audi, Brussels Aiport, Efteling, Eneco, Fiberklaar, and Worldline grow.

Established in 2005, iO operates locally and internationally, serving companies, organisations, and governments from our campuses in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Bulgaria.