Intracto & Prophets move forward together

Today, Intracto Group and Prophets announce that they will continue to work together with a clear ambition: to become the first leading digital full-service group in our market.

While we all hopefully looking forward to a new government, a remarkable coalition is also emerging within the digital landscape between a number of leading players. Since the beginning of this year, Intracto Group is rapidly expanding a digital full-service group, with acquisitions in the field of technology, marketing, content, creation and strategy. Today, Intracto Group and Prophets announce that they will continue to work together with a clear ambition: to become the first leading digital full service group in our market.

Technology + creation = maximum customer experience

Björn Joos of Prophets explains: “The last few years we were regularly approached by international players who wanted to gain a foothold in Belgium. And yet we have chosen to contribute specific to this innovative story. Because we are convinced that the market is ready for a truly full-service communication agency in which technology, strategy, marketing and creation go hand in hand”.

Co-founder Tom Willemkens explains: “The process Pieter and Intracto followed over the past 13 years without much struggle is remarkable. Somewhere we share the same no-nonsense attitude that unites us and will come in handy in the future as well. This well-considered step offers extra opportunities for the entire team and our clients, who also gain access to a wide range of technological and marketing talent”.

Pieter Janssens, founder of Intracto: “With the arrival of the well known and acclaimed Prophets, extra clout is added in the field of strategic and creative communication. In combination with what Intracto already has to offer today in the field of marketing and communication, this acquisition provides a complete story in which the client and the clients of our clients are always centered “.

Taking on Brussels

By adding Prophets as a strategic-creative spearhead, Intracto positions itself as a leading agency with over 420 team members. With the presence of Prophets in Antwerp and Brussels, the down-to-earth residents of the ‘Kempen’ are now also moving to the centre of the country.

Pieter Janssens: “In addition to the strong and talented team of experts, another asset of Prophets is their office in Brussels. The ambition to be present in the capital – even closer to client companies and authorities – was there for a longer time. Which is now being put to practice. More than ever, we will continue to expand our bilingual offering. We want to be active where our customers are.

In addition, our ambition is to bring together one group consisting of current and future talent, who can respond to company’s digital challenges”.

Groundbreaking ambition

Intracto’s field of interest does not stop at our national borders. With Intracto’s presence in the Netherlands and planned acquisitions, the goal of territorial expansion is being drawn to full effect. With Intracto’s own activities in Herentals and ‘s Hertogenbosch, supplemented by Adagio from Ghent, Snackbytes in Antwerp, Luon & Raak in Mechelen and ezCompany in Tilburg, Breda, Utrecht and Gorinchem, the current complete group exists out of 420 team members.

About iO

iO is a blended agency. We bring together talent in marketing, technology, content, strategy, and creativity. With our belief that "experience is everything," we help our clients provide their target audience with rich and relevant brand experiences. Our track record includes helping strong brands such as Audi, Brussels Aiport, Efteling, Eneco, Fiberklaar, and Worldline grow.

Established in 2005, iO operates locally and internationally, serving companies, organisations, and governments from our campuses in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Bulgaria.