George Moses new Technology Director at iO 

Moses is an active contributor to the Drupal community, which he's been a part of for almost 18 years.

iO welcomes new Technology Director George Moses. The experienced tech entrepreneur brings broad knowledge. Not just on a technical level but also in leadership, culture and commercial.  

The process of translating requirements, developing a strategic concept, arriving at a solution and making it a success has been the common thread for Moses across 25 years of entrepreneurship. He developed technical and generalist expertise, which enables him to engage in targeted discussions with organisations and translate these conversations and workshops into action points. After all, entrepreneurship demands that we become a jack-of-all-trades. But it was never the goal to be more concerned with setting up and growing a company than with the substantive work. ​ ​ 

"For our clients, knowledge and experience with the issues at play is important, and with George has all of that and more. This gives our colleagues opportunities for growth and our clients reap the benefits. I look forward to working with George in an environment of continuous development and learning where our clients come to us with confidence," says Jochem Molenaar, Service Line Director Technology, iO Campus Utrecht. ​ 

Moses is an active contributor to the Drupal community, which he's been a part of for almost 18 years. After eight years at Wunderkraut, later Appnovation, where he was also a member of the Drupal Advisory Board, he was looking for an organisation that matched his extensive regional knowledge and experience. It also had to be big enough to be home to his expertise and fulfil his aspirations. And, of course, finding the right cultural fit was essential. 

A culture of blending and development 

With a strong focus on tech and collaborative teams, iO has a culture of blending. The focus is on people and supporting growth. Everyone wants to develop and is given the space to do so with practical experience and theoretical underpinning. Moses wants to encourage this. ​ 

"You can measure value within organisations on a lot of different levels. Here at iO, the values lie on a personal level. That focus is very important to me. Investing in the long-term future of employees is how you create real value in a company," said George Moses. ​ ​ 

At iO, Moses bridges the gap between management and specialists, combining leadership and consultancy experience with technological and commercial knowledge. He focuses on creating value for both clients and colleagues. 

About iO

iO is a blended agency. We help clients such as Audi, Worldline, Brussels Airport, Efteling and Eneco to sustainably shape and improve total brand experiences that leave a mark on people. By thoughtfully blending the right expertise – strategy, creation, technology, marketing, and data – and actively partnering with our clients. That’s how we advance digitally with our clients, for their customers.

iO (formerly Intracto Group) was founded in 2005 and works with local and international businesses, organisations and governments in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Bulgaria.



Roel Van Aelst

Roel Van Aelst

Marketing & Communication Director, iO

About iO

iO is a blended agency. We bring together talent in marketing, technology, content, strategy, and creativity. With our belief that "experience is everything," we help our clients provide their target audience with rich and relevant brand experiences. Our track record includes helping strong brands such as Audi, Brussels Aiport, Efteling, Eneco, Fiberklaar, and Worldline grow.

Established in 2005, iO operates locally and internationally, serving companies, organisations, and governments from our campuses in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Bulgaria.