Bake & Company joins the ranks of Intracto Group

Following the takeover of the Ghent-based Bake & Company, Intracto Group has reinforced its line-up with an experienced team well-versed in strategic digital marketing and sales.

For Bake & Company, the move means even more opportunities to reinforce and successfully implement its expertise in diagnostics and strategic consultancy thanks to Intracto Group’s broad-ranging expertise.

The takeover is fully in line with Intracto Group’s ambitions to lead the sector and excel in the domains of strategy, creation, content, marketing and technology.

In charge of strategy and execution

Bake & Company’s 12-strong team of digital strategists has a proven track record in result-driven strategic advice, support and analysis backed by clear KPIs. Their client portfolio includes such names as BMW, Proximus, DPG Media, MediaMarkt and Samsonite.

“We began receiving more and more requests for help in implementing our strategic advice. And the search for an integrated approach and one-stop shop in our domain quickly lead us to Intracto Group.

Moving forward, our primary ambition is to continue doing what we’re good at: namely advising and guiding companies and board rooms with their digital maturity roadmap. In addition, we are now also keen to take charge of the execution phase as well. And we are convinced that with Intracto Group’s 900+ experts, we can guarantee an even more robust and tangible implementation of our strategies than ever before.”

“From now on, we are not just the architect but – together with Intracto Group – now form a genuine powerhouse that can advise and support companies with all the issues they face.”

Transforming clients’ digital challenges into tangible results

“Covid-19 has made it clearer than ever for companies what the potential impact of correct decision-making can be. Those who keep looking ahead when it comes to their digital strategies and related activities more often than not turn out to be the winners.

Bake & Company is renowned for their in-depth digital diagnostics, well-founded strategic advice and follow-up.”

Further expansion of Ghent campus

The Bake & Company team will oversee the further expansion of Intracto Group’s Ghent campus. Just one way in which co-CEOs Klaas Verbeken and Kristof Bossuyt are committed to fuelling the growth of Intracto Group.

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