An iO makeover for SWOP with Mr SWOP

The app was developed by House of HR and lets job seekers swipe for a job. An app you better keep handy.

SWOP, the app that allows you to apply for jobs with a simple swipe, needed a freshening up. The app was developed by House of HR and lets job seekers swipe for a job. An app you better keep handy. And if that wasn’t the case already, iO will bring the app to you.

By introducing Mr SWOP, iO rings in a new era for the job app. One in which we won’t be swiping from one job to the next anymore, but finding the perfect match straight away. And that’s what Mr SWOP does: spotting talent and connecting it to the perfect vacancy.

Because there’s no app that knows you through and through like this. And it’s all made possible by the team of real people behind the app. Meaning, Mr SWOP is the personification of a team of specialists. This gentleman will therefore, only pop up when he’s found the right profile for the job. And that happens at the most unexpected times, as you can see in the online videos. ​ ​

With the "Turn your talent into your job" campaign, iO gave SWOP an end-to-end makeover – including concept and creation, a new logo and branding, UX design, performance marketing and a new baseline. With Mr SWOP, the job app was given a new look across all touchpoints.

This campaign will be rolled out in Belgium and the Netherlands.


  • Client: SWOP – House of Invest
  • Contacts: Victoria Hemelaer, Julie Lavigne, Marie Driesen
  • Account Team: Tomas van Gastel, Eve Tang
  • Strategy: Dennis Snijders, Tessa Joris, Caroline Bogaerts
  • Agency: iO
  • CD: Sam De Win
  • Creation: Ivan Moons, Wouter Huyghe
  • Design: Benjamin Martijn
  • Production Company: De Machine
  • Animation Studio: Rabbit Hole
  • Sound Production Company: Sonhouse


SWOP ad (16:9)

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SWOP - DOOH - train.mp4

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SWOP - DOOH - tram.mp4

MP4 - 7.6 Mb


Roel Van Aelst

Roel Van Aelst

Marketing & Communication Director, iO




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