Adagio continues under the name Intracto

Just over a year after Intracto’s acquisition of Adagio, we say goodbye to the Adagio brand. This way, we confirm our ambition to be a strong brand in the market, where customers can be helped end-to-end and platform-independent to boot.

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Expertise in Salesforce, Adobe & Oracle

In a rapidly digitising market with numerous technical possibilities, making the right choices is paramount. As Intracto, we want to make sure that’s exactly what our clients do. Regardless of the question, we can help our clients and independently advise and support them with the most adequate solution.

For Intracto, Adagio was a strong asset in bringing more experience and expertise in Salesforce, Adobe and Oracle under our own roof. Now, the time has come to complete the marriage, with Intracto as the family name.

Full service in Ghent

Intracto’s philosophy is to move more towards potential talent and the needs of its customers. This way, Adagio’s team was expanded further to offer truly integrated full-service services. Today, our campus in Ghent offers strategy, CRM, marketing automation, visual and interaction design, content creation, performance marketing and development.

After a great 9 years, founders Ben Van Gorp and Lucas Decuypere say goodbye to a beautiful chapter. “Last year’s choice for Intracto was meant to further broaden our field of action. Now the time has come to reflect that choice in our name as well. Our team and customers feel the benefits that Intracto’s broad expertise has to offer. Adieu Adagio. Long live Intracto!”

About iO - Infinite Opportunities

Companies and organisations come to iO in search of an optimal user experience for their customers. By bringing together more than 1,500 talents in strategy, content, creation, marketing and technology, we create infinite opportunities for national and international clients such as Audi, Brussels Airport, Eneco and Sodexo.

On campuses in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Bulgaria, we work with our clients to streamline their communications and digital transformation. This enables them to meet - and exceed - the expectations of their customers. Our campuses are real knowledge centres, where working, meeting and inspiration go hand in hand. Close to customers and talent, in search of the digital diversity that makes the difference for end users. For all of us.

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