Acquisition of full-service agency Stendahls launches Intracto Group in the Nordics

Intracto Group enters the Nordics with the acquisition of full-service agency Stendahls.


The prestigious Swedish team is known for its holistic approach to brand communication, with 120 experts in strategy, creation and tech. Together with a strong growth trajectory in the Benelux, Intracto Group detected the need for an end-to-end, full-service partner in the Nordics.

The acquisition of Stendahls emphasises Intracto Group's ambition to build an integrated full-service agency on a pan-European level. Intracto Group aims to be a true partner for its clients, allowing them to excel in the areas of strategy, creation, content, marketing and technology. 

 The Nordics ideal second region for growth ambitions

Sweden is the perfect country to kickstart Intracto Group's ambitions in the Nordics. The country's 10.23 million inhabitants are active in more than 1 million companies, with the advertising spend of those companies reaching more than 1.2 billion euro last year. Sweden also continues to make its mark in design, gaming and technological innovation across industries.

Similar to the Benelux, Sweden's agency landscape is rather fragmented, allowing Intracto Group to play an active role as an end-to-end, full-service partner. The acquisition also makes it possible for Intracto Group to cater even better to the needs of international clients, where local experts can add value to global deals.

Pieter Janssens, CEO Intracto Group: "Every report on digital adoption marks Sweden as a front-runner. Whether it's about the use of social media, e-commerce or digital banking and financial apps: Sweden is always ahead of the pack. Still, few agencies manage to be a true end-to-end partner for their clients.

From moment we met, we knew that Stendahls would be a great fit for our company. The team, their expertise and their mindset were perfectly aligned with our own. We both attach great importance to knowledge sharing and making a difference by not only empowering our colleagues, but our clients as well.

Stendahls is a well thought-out choice that will allow us to grow and to take next steps in the region. Not only for the talented people that are out there, but also for clients that are looking for a full-service agency that is truly client-focused."

Stendahls is the ideal partner to bring creativity, design and technology to the Nordics

Stendahls see themselves as curious innovators, driven by creativity, design and technology. Just like Intracto Group in the Benelux, they have seen a growing demand for true digital partners, agencies that are willing and able to take up end-to-end responsibility. Or even more important: ensure a lasting impact throughout the entire customer journey.

Stendahls is known for its holistic approach to brand communication, with a wide and deep knowledge and experience available Stendahls continuously create value for regional and international clients such as Volvo, Husqvarna, Bowers & Wilkins and Sandvik.

Full force on integrated approach across media, markets and boundaries

Henrik Segergren, CEO Stendahls: "To be honest, it was almost creepy how our vision on marketing, communication and technology seemed a blueprint of the project that Intracto Group is building.

We believe we need to be more client-focused and more client-driven than ever before. Most agencies seem to define their advice and deliveries based on their available resources, not on what the client really needs. Just like Intracto Group, we don't want to be that type of agency.

The cultural fit with Intracto Group is 100% and in our ambition to grow the time was right to come together. We put our clients’ brands at the forefront across media, markets and boundaries in a constantly evolving and more digital world."

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